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 Tea Grown by Indian tea growers in the Cameron Highlands since 1933 in 

1620 acres of Malaysia’s beautiful mountainous interior at elevations of 5000+ ft

•  Little or no pesticides and fertilisers are needed to plant and grow these    Orange Pekoe & Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings Premium Grade Teas
Producing a less bold, more aromatic flavour than lowland grown teas


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NEWS: .... Our high quality premium grade teas are now available at the following locations:

Various farmer's Markets (see below)

And always available at:

The Findon Post Office, Horsham Rd. Findon.

The Clockhouse Deli, The Parade, East Preston.

Amberley Stores, High St. Amberley, W. Sussex. http://www.amberleyvillagestores.co.uk

Walberton News, Walberton, West Sussex.

West Chiltington Post Office & Stores (located in the centre of the village).


Epsom  Farmers'  Market  1st Sunday of the month


Cobham Farmer's Market - 4th Saturday of the month

Upcoming Farmers' Markets

With profuse apologies to customers at EPSOM, I shan't  be back there until July

25 March 2017 - Cobham

09 April 2017 - Lewes

22 April - Cobham

14 May 2017 - Lewes

28 May 2017 - Fleet (Hants)

11 June 2017 - Lewes

24 June 2017 - Cobham

02 July 2017 - Epsom


Premium Grade Tea & Teabags - Types available include:

*   Premium Grade - Double-chamber Tea Bags

*    Premium Grade /\ Pyramid Bags

*    Premium Grade - Green Tea Bags

*    Premium Grade - Earl Grey Tea Bags

*    Premium Grade - Fruit-infused Tea Bags 


Premium Grade Loose Leaf Tea - Types Available include:

  Connoisseur's Grade Loose-Leaf Tea - Number 54

   Premium Grade Loose-Leaf - 'Anytime' Tea

   Premium Grade Loose-Leaf - Breakfast Tea

    Premium Grade Loose-Leaf - Afternoon Tea 

    Premium Grade Loose-Leaf - Green Tea

    Connoisseur's Grade - White Tea