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World Class Premium Grade Specialist Highland grown tea, known as Camellia Sinensis & differing from its lowland counterparts (that include some of the bolder and stronger Indian and Chinese varieties), because it has a far more Distinctive Aromatic Flavour.

A History of Tea Growth in The Cameron Highlands:

In 1885, William Cameron, a British surveyor in what was then British Malaya, led an expedition into the main mountain range of the Malay peninsula’s interior where according to his diary he discovered “a plateau with gentle slopes shut in by loftier mountains”. 

Although unmapped at the time the area was often referred as The Cameron Highlands “where a good sanotorium might be founded” as a cool resort of health and pleasure. However it wasn’t until 1925, when the area was developed as a hill station, that expansion   allowed for the growth of agriculture, residential sites & recreational areas.

Since 1913 a family of Indian grocers and transporters had helped develop the Cameron Highlands and in 1932 set up what has now become the Bharat tea plantations.